Bryony Orsborn

Boucha Komboucha

Describe What You Do

I am the founder of Boucha Kombucha – a refined, non-alcoholic alternative to wine. I launched in Jan 2020 and somehow managed to navigate my way through the Covid crisis; adapting my business plan along the way, and we have recently secured sales in several local stockists and have launched a new rose flavour. 

I also work as a property copywriter, and I’m the mother of two teenage boys aged 17 & 19.

Why Have You Signed up to Be a Sand Mentor?

Having previously worked with vulnerable young people as a Learning Mentor, I value how important it is to raise self-confidence through learning and find inspiration from all kinds of places when learning to navigate the world. In 41 years I have had several careers and have never stopped learning and being inspired by the stories of others, so it will be good to give something back. It was a real honour to be asked to be a Sand Mentor and I’m looking forward to meeting the learners. 

What Is Your Business/Work Ethos?

The ethos behind Boucha Kombucha was to start a business which helps people giving up alcohol to stop feeling out of place in an alcho-centric world. We have a strong focus on health, ensuring our ingredients are natural and organic, and that our packaging is fully recyclable. I run the business almost single-handedly, with my sister Gala stepping in to help with events. Inclusion and equality would be very high on our list when looking at employing staff as the business grows.