Carol Hunter

Grainwave Cakes and Bakes

Describe What You Do

I run a small business making bread for local customers. I have recently added soap-making to my venture which has proved popular. I am mainly retired now, but enjoy working from home.

Why Have You Signed up to Be a Sand Mentor?

Before retiring, my main career job was in teaching ESOL and literacy to overseas students. I enjoyed the role of teacher in this context, which including mentoring and training. Being able to incorporate baking as part of the SAND project mentoring program has proved fulfilling, especially as it includes using combined skills sets, working with students again and being part of such a valuable community initiative.

What Is Your Business/Work Ethos?

My overall conclusion towards the end of my working life is that I am pleased that I spent most of it in public service. As a teacher over two decades working in medium to large college settings I feel I benefited from comprehensive training ‘upskilling’ and a very broad understanding of multi-cultural and diverse communities. Moving from that to becoming a sole trader of my own enterprise was a challenge, but in itself has given me a greater understanding of the tools needed to run a business and become a decision maker. In any work context I believe that commitment, tolerance and professionalism are are essential to the formation of good working relationships.