Harry Mansfield

Awareness Key
Email: am@awarenesskey.co.uk

Describe What You Do

We are proud to be a “Centre Of Influence” by putting in place a proactive approach to achieve mental resilience in your everyday life. My work as a Mental Strength Coach offers prior intervention in mental health care through awareness differentiating us from other mental health approaches.

The Awareness Key’s “Mindpower Proficiency” Techniques help you stay strong mentally each day especially when the Curveballs of Life come your way. Once learned they don’t take up any extra time in your day and they prevent mental health problems.

Following a life changing head injury and, adversity as a child, I have combined both knowledge from my personal experiences and careers to date to set up the only training facility in the UK to offer the combination of sports, animals and nature to prevent mental health problems using several proven, scientific methods. When people are unable to come to us we bring our Outdoor Centre to you.

Why Have You Signed up to Be a Sand Mentor?

Everyone deserves good mental health and to be able to live a mentally healthy life.

What Is Your Business/Work Ethos?

Mentoring is key to empowering an individual with knowledge in a supportive way.