Kayla Shephard

Safety Mode Ltd
Email: kayla@safetymode.co.uk 

Describe What You Do

I am a qualified First Aid, Mental Health and Safeguarding Instructor. I have a background in the Early Years and managed several nurseries in the Sussex area. 

I am also a trained ballet dancer and  enjoy choreographing and performing in local musical productions. 

I am really passionate empowering others to safe lives and have the confidence to perform live saving skills whether it be supporting someone through a mental ill health, intervening or disclosing any safeguarding concerns regarding children, young people or vulnerable adults or treating someone who is physically injured or sick.

Why Have You Signed up to Be a Sand Mentor?

Supporting the Supporting the community is another passion and very rewarding.

What Is Your Business/Work Ethos?

Helping people to have positive mindsets and to work with a problem solving attitude, there is always a solution to a problem or at least an adaption to a problem to create a better working pattern.

Everyone should be able to access everything, have a positive working environment for positive mental health and well-being and be able to have a positive mental health culture around them. I work independently as I am the Company Director of my own business and I am my HR, IT, Marketing and advertising team etc all in one but I have a a huge group of people around me for support and advice for all the individual parts of my business.

I love teaching, training and education is my passion and I have many years of experience of adapting a learning experience for individuals and groups of people to cater for everyone.