Leigh Harris

Ink Pixel
Email: leighharris@me.com

Describe What You Do

I’m the graphic designer and artist behind inkpixel creative studio. I help businesses get noticed by developing a strong visual presence through fresh, unique design. I work closely with clients to understand their business and their vision and create a design package that helps them to share their brand with the world. The elements of the package include logo design, branding and identity, business cards, visual marketing and more.

Alongside my design work I have been a fitness professional for 25 years and now coach therapeutic art and movement sessions. I help people improve physical and emotional well-being and facilitate positive life changes through artistic expression and mindful movement.

Why Have You Signed up to Be a Sand Mentor?

I feel complete joy when coaching new skills or helping people, especially young people, realise their potential and recognise their value!

What Is Your Business/Work Ethos?

Having taken a relatively unusual path to arrive at my ‘now’ career I have experienced most types of workplace employment. Both employment and self employment each have their benefits and difficulties but I do believe the experience can be determined by many factors. Finding the right fit for you at the particular point in your life is important and of course this naturally changes as you evolve. I have always been a multi faceted person and believe that equal importance should be placed on both human skills (empathy, listening skills, patience, effective communication, trust) and job skills in the work place environment. Finding and nurturing your teams natural individual talents is a big step in positive inclusion.