Paul Stanford

Stanford Legal Services

Describe What You Do

I am director of Stanford Legal Services – an estate planning legal services business to both professionals working in the industry and individuals. I have a background in social enterprise, was a business adviser for the then Business Link, and have run several other businesses as diverse as a poker business, financial advice, legal advice and property management.

Why Have You Signed up to Be a Sand Mentor?

I am passionate in helping others to achieve their potential. I liken it to the Chinese proverb of ‘You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime’.

What Is Your Business/Work Ethos?

I believe there is a place for being employed and equally self employed. There isn’t a one size fits all. I also believe in judging someone on their ability to do the job and not what race, sex, class, religion etc they may have. The most important attribute I look for in people is attitude. A positive attitude will always win over the day for me.