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Our Programmes

We currently run the following programmes: 

  • Enterprise days for school based group cohorts,
  • Sixth Form College for 16-18 year olds (full time),
  • Personalised workplace based programmes for 19-25 year olds with an EHCP (full time).

How We Do It

Everything we do at the Sand Project works within our ‘5ade’ Framework, created here at the Sand Project. We believe these are the ‘5-a-day-expectations’ that need to be met if we are to increase employability of SEND young people. 

  • Creation

    of experiences in personalised pathways, to provide a framework for...

  • Training

    and specialist support for enterprise focused work experience, until trainees demonstrate the appropriate confidence and skill to receive...

  • Promotion

    amongst related industries who feel confident enough to allow the...

  • Transition

    of our trainees into their own businesses, with employers and employees supported by our specialist team, until such a time when the new employee works independently and...

  • Immersion

    of the trainee is complete as a full member of the main employee team.

Why We Do It

In West Sussex, only 3.2% of known people with learning difficulties are in paid employment. This means 96.8% are unemployed and living on benefits – often never leaving home, living as dependants – and increasingly likely to remain so.

In addition, this long term unemployment will statistically contribute to reduced physical, mental and emotional wellbeing which will impact on healthcare and NHS resources.

Some of the reasons that have become apparent in education are:

  • Inadequate work experience placements whilst at school or college due to low expectations of employers,
  • Insufficient emphasis placed on the importance of teaching work related skills,
  • Detrimental college experiences,
  • The mainstream workplace is not always accessible for highly skilled people with autism,
  • Learned passivity – no one has taught them the entrepreneurial skills needed to create opportunity for themselves.

Sounds good, right?

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