Tom Hosking

Action COACH Brighton

Describe What You Do

I help local business owners improve their businesses. This can be helping them get more time back, improve their teams or make more money. Or a combination of all three. Before this I spent over 20 years in the advertising industry. I am also a governor of a local secondary school.

Why Have You Signed up to Be a Sand Mentor?

Being a father of 2 teenage children I want to be able to help other young people who would benefit from extra support.

What Is Your Business/Work Ethos?

Wanting to improve is paramount. As long as there is a desire to apply oneself and a desire to move forward then there we’ll get results. I am a passionate believer in diversity and inclusion and know there is a valuable contribution to be made by all. Embracing forward movement means being happy with being outside of your comfort zone – this is where the magic happens. That space can be reached by doing things differently – be that through the use of new tools/tech, adopting new ways of working, or moving on different social or business circles.